How Would You Describe the Industry to a Telemarketer?

How would you describe the telecommunications industry to yourself? It seems like there is always a change in the telecommunications industry. The last time I checked, it was the “Mobile Wireless Telephony” sector that was changing.

If you had told me that mobile wireless telephony would be the largest and fastest-growing sector in the telecommunications industry by a factor of eight per cent over the next five years, I would have been very interested. That is quite a bit of a return on investment considering the telecommunications sector is doing okay.

Let us look at the history of the telecommunications industry from an investor’s point of view. When I first got into the industry almost forty years ago I invested heavily in various forms of communications, mainly local telephone services.

I was really fascinated by the technology of the day, mostly long-distance. It seemed to me that with the right system all of the communications would be easy. No wires, no cables, just a bunch of wires connected to phones, which worked from a central station.

Of course, those systems did not work very well for quite a few years. Technology changed, competition became intense, and prices went up. By the mid 1980’s all of these things changed drastically. The market became more competitive, prices dropped, and the market became more fragmented. The basic premise that I believe we have all been taught is that if we were going to break ground in this industry, we would need to attract new customers, keep the existing customers happy, and provide better service to each of those customers.

How would you describe the telecommunications market today to yourself? I would say that the market has evolved into a much more interesting place. You would not have to put wires connecting your phones to your computers any longer. You can get high speed Internet, so if you wanted to do email or browse the web you could do so with the same ease as if you were at home.

The first step in rethinking how you would describe the market to yourself today would be to think about the challenges that people face. There are many different types of customers in the market today. You would need to have a good understanding of what they want, where they are coming from, and what their needs are.

How would you describe the market to a complete stranger? It would be pretty easy. You would think of them as looking like little ants, and digging for information. When you look at the cell phone usage you see a bunch of guys playing on their mobile phones. The market for digital phones is actually quite large and growing quite rapidly.

When you think about how your phone looks like you might have a picture in your mind of an apple with two bananas on it. Your cell phone probably isn’t even an apple and it is very sleek looking. How would you describe the sleek and futuristic design of today’s phone? Now you might want to try and picture a motorcycle. You might have one on order at your local Harley Davidson dealership.

How would you describe the telecommunications industry to a person that doesn’t use phones at all? In this case you might describe them as having a TV in their basement. Today’s telecommunications businesses are much more than just phone services. Today’s telecommunications providers are video game developers, movie producers, and online businesses.

A call center is similar to what we think of when we hear the words corporate America or call center. A call center is an office building that employs people to answer phones at specific times of the day. If you were at your favorite sports bar and asked some of the waiters if they were happy, most likely you would be told “pretty, thanks.” When we think about call centers we usually think of people who are on the phone answering phones for large corporations but a call center could be run by a sole proprietor and hire people from all different industries.

How would you describe the telecommunications industry to a telemarketer? Telemarketers call center on a regular basis. There are many types of telemarketing call centers and one type centers specialize in using the Internet to advertise products or services. This type of call centers can be found almost anywhere; however they are mostly found out in rural areas.

How would you describe the telecommunications industry to a teenager? Most teenagers do not have a lot of experience with computers so explaining to them how the Internet works could be a little bit difficult. Teenagers also usually do not use the telephone to make long distance calls. All these factors, while representing the majority of the business, represent only a small portion of all the business done each day.


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