Besides protecting your precious sports car, there’s so much more than a garage door can do. Your 8×7 garage doors might not take up a significant space of your home’s exterior, but it’s the first thing anyone sees when they pull up on your driveway. That is why you need the best door style; the choice of material or design of the garage door will determine whether your garage door boosts your home curb appeal or it becomes just a sheet of metal in front of your garage.

Types of popular garage doors based on style

The kind of garage door you install makes a considerable difference to your home’s general outlook. However, many factors go into choosing the right door. Here are some door styles you can inquire about from your garage door supplier.

House garage doors with windows

If you reside in a carriage house with that rustic charm, but a modern feel, the carriage garage doors with windows are perfect. These overhead opening garage doors give you maximum protection with a 50mm thickness. They are constructed using a combination of steel and polyurethane to ensure that your garage doors remain functional for decades to come.

Black garage doors

If you’re looking for a garage door that will compliment your contemporary house design, ask your garage door supplier about the Bestar Model. These black garage doors designed with simple and clean lines will give your home that premium feel. Additionally, these doors have an R-value of 17.10 and are 2 inches thick. They are made of polyurethane insulation and steel and come equipped with thermo lock insulation to ensure your garage remains properly insulated. You can have the doors in various colors, including sandstone, white, almond, black, and different sizes.

Raised panel garage doors

Another door you might want to ask your garage door supplier about is the raised panel garage door. These garage doors have an R-value of 17.10 and come fitted with windows to let in extra natural light. These doors have a tongue and groove section with a complete thermal break eliminating thermal convection. They also come with steel skins coated to ensure durability. The doors’ weather seals will keep off loose debris and protect the door from extreme weather conditions.

Flush panel garage doors

If you’d like a garage door that has that modern urban feel and will have neighbors looking at your driveway, then this is the garage door to buy. For instance, the Bestar 5000 garage door has an R-value of 17.10 and a steel skin covered with a tough coating system that gives the doors that matte look. These doors come in various colors: black, coral sandstone, charcoal, and dark brown.


Garage doors should not be an afterthought because they comprise over thirty percent of the external view of the house. An excellent garage door will also save up to 20 percent of the home’s energy bills through proper insulation. So what are you waiting for? Talk to our garage door suppliers about getting a garage door for your home today.


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